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In the early 70’s, Lena was inspired by her riding instructor Jana L. Rooth, who had painted her initials on all of her grooming equipment. The idea caught on quickly and soon all the students were decorating their tack and supplies.

Hence L.U.C. of Sweden was born (initials to Lena Ulrika Carlsson), who took that inspiration and became a Certified Master in Lapidary and Gemmology. She is also the Marketing Head Chief of Jewelry and Clocks of Sweden and participates actively in Sweden’s National Association of Gemmology. Combining her love of horses and her talents in jewelry making, L.U.C. of Sweden has become renowned worldwide and sought after amongst equestrian and jewelry connoisseurs.

L.U.C. of Sweden can visualize art in every aspect of the equestrian world. Take for example the “bit”, its simplicity and smooth lines can express itself into an elegant bracelet and necklace.
Please take the time to peruse our gallery and selections. You’ll be enlightened by the most common equestrian items that are reborn into cultivated and stylish jewelry. They are fashionable for any time of the year and timeless in beauty and quality. Contact us for a full selection of jewelry, metals, and gems.

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